Fox rejects anti-Trump ad from teachers union

This article is part news, partially opinion, and quite a bit of satire for people who still have a sense of humor

Fox News has refused to air a 30-second ad criticizing Trump’s Covid-19 response submitted by the American Federation of Teachers’ Super PAC, which it has every right to do. Fox is a private network, and has a free-speech right to reject comment.

Fox criticized the ad for being “inaccurate” and offered to run it only if the teachers’ union changed it, which they have no obligation to do. It’s their ad. Moreover, that smacks of politically-motivated censorship. (Not that Fox has a reputation of being politically neutral … )

The gory details: “Fox News’ advertising staff simply told the union the network’s legal department would like to see a ‘more specific argument’ for why it was Trump and McConnell’s responsibility to develop a plan for students to return to public schools, according to the AFT.”

See what I mean? Political.

They should each go their separate ways. Why the teachers are advertising on Fox is beyond me, anyway. They’re not going to persuade anyone watching Fox of anything. That’s the most closed-minded audience in America. You can’t even get those people to wear masks in grocery stores so they don’t infect their neighbors. And lots of anti-vaxxers in that crowd. The sort of people who’d send their sick kids to school to infect everyone else. But their kids won’t learn anything if their teachers are dead.

These teachers shouldn’t feel bad. They have company — yours truly. I couldn’t get my views aired on Fox, either.

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