Rob’t Trump mourner punches restaurant worker for being unable to seat his large group

A member of a group coming from Robert Trump’s White House funeral assaulted a restaurant worker when told the establishment couldn’t accommodate their party.

The crime was committed Friday evening, Aug. 21, 2020, at the Fig & Olive Restaurant in Washington D.C. Several members of the White House party were carrying programs from the funeral which had just ended. The assailant hasn’t been publicly identified, but is said to be someone from out of town who isn’t a Trump family member or administration official.

Mindless anger at Covid-19 restrictions apparently triggered the violence. The party apparently called the restaurant to make a reservation for 20 people, was told the restaurant could only accommodate 14, but two dozen people showed up anyway and demanded to be seated. According to a witness, the group became “unruly” when a server informed them the restaurant didn’t have enough space for them, and when the server told them, “It’s a pandemic, we’re doing the best we can,” an individual sucker-punched him and snarled “you don’t know how to speak to people.” A restaurant representative told a reporter the server suffered a broken nose. No arrest was made at the scene; police reportedly are investigating.

This is just the latest incident of violence against innocent store and restaurant workers only doing their jobs committed by people bristling at coronavirus infection control measures. These incidents are becoming all too common. In my opinion, the perpetrator should be banned for life from that restaurant. That’s what a sports league would do. Read story here and here.


Below: This photo shows the restaurant’s limited seating capacity.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    At least things did not go full Fineagan’s Wake. Did the ruckus wake Fineagan up?