FREUDIAN SLIP: Saudi Prince Congratulates Trump for Killing Adnan Kashoggi

Crown Prince congratulates Trump for US killing of Adnan Kashoggi

In a bizarre Freudian slip, the Saudi News site “Aran News” today announced the Crown Prince Muhamab “bone saw” ibn Salman sent congratulations to President Trump.

In the news piece on their website.  Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman congratulated President Donald Trump in a phone call for the US’ success in killing the Daesh leader saying “The operation marked a new era and a historical step in the war against terrorism.”

The site touted the US courager in doing this ands compared President Trump’s actions the heroism of the Crown Prince himself. President Trump in return said “the productive cooperation between the US and Saudi Arabia was continuing with an aim to bring an end to terrorism and true peace on earth.”

The news release inadvertently referred to the Prince’s hack job, confusing Adnan Kashoggi with al Baghdadi.  The announcement has since been retracted.  According to Saudi tradition and Shariah law, the copy editor, who has since confessed to being an agent of Tehran,  will be shown mercy and only have his right hand chopped off.


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