Bernie isn’t Trump, and for now, that’s good enough

If Bernie Sanders is the Democratic nominee, I’ll vote for him, and you should, too. Whether you agree with his policies is irrelevant. All that matters in this election is the consequences of four more years of Trump. This is the wrong time in history to insist on a perfect nominee. Right now, “perfect” is the deadly enemy of “good enough.” We’ve gotta go into this united in the common goal of getting rid of Donald Trump.

The same logic applies to the other Democratic candidates, should one of them become the nominee.

Democracy is fragile. It depends on the consent of the governed for its existence. And when a demagogue poisons weak minds by attacking its core institutions, such as the jury system, our basic freedoms are in jeopardy.

It’s clear Trump’s own party, the GOP, is too weak to contain him. It’s equally clear he won’t be contained by constitutional restraints, the rule of law, or public pressure against his excesses. He is the emodiment of unchecked power. Our system of checks and balances is on the brink of collapse.

The only solution is to take the office and its power away from him. Those belong to the people, and we have the right to revoke his tenancy. That is what we must do in November. The Democratic alternative may not be perfect, but given the emergency facing our democracy, it will be good enough to get us through this crisis. Later we can turn our attention to building the kind of country we want America to be. If Trump is re-elected, there will be no later.

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  1. Mark Adams #

    It should be the common goal of Democrats to replace Trump or anyone in the office not of Democratic party credentials. That does not make replacing Donald Trump the common goal of everyone.

    Democrats are acting like Trump will not leave office if their candidate wins. Which is the only logical conclusion of Democratic angst. Not one Democratic candidate has been arrested and jailed by the President. Yet one would think that has happened with all this rhetoric.

    Democracy is fragile and the Greeks such as Plato and Aristotle warn us it is the good people in their fear that give us the tyrant. It will not be the end of America if Trump is reelected. He does 4 more years and rides off into the sunset leaving his sidekick The Sunset Kid Pence to maintaining America. Ok maybe we elect the new democrat/republican Mitt Romney.
    Surely the Bloom County party will save us with Bill the Cat. Save us Opus, only you have the power to save us. You are our only hope.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    Trump is tearing down the basic institutions of our society. He has attacked judges and even individual jurors, has ordered his appointees to defy congressional subpoenas, obstructed investigations, encouraged his supporters to physically attack protesters, impugned the integrity of our elections, challenged the legitimacy of his predecessor, made remarks about staying in office beyond his term, uses “coup” language to describe opponents’ legitimate efforts to defeat him — and, just last month, his attorney general instructed an government agency to ignore a federal appeals court ruling. In May 2019, Vox reported that Speaker Pelosi was worried that Trump might not voluntarily leave office if he loses the 2020 elections, and others have voiced similar concerns. Trump is the very definition of a demagogue and tyrant. You’re darn right many sober and reflective people worry about this reckless man’s intentions.

  3. Roger Rabbit #

    “Which is the only logical conclusion of Democratic angst.” No, it’s an inference drawn from Trump’s own remarks that he might not leave office when his term expires.