I Endorse Warren


Teacher lawyer, economist, Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren’s story is about American as any can be.

Native and immigrant ancestors.
Self made
Rise from poverty.
Credentials in economics, law and government?
Since the founders. I doubt there is any Presidents in American history with these strong credentials … compare …. Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Hoover, FDR, Nixon, Carter, George Bush I, Obama???

This woman stands in rare company!

There is more.  Like Sanders and Yang, Senator Warren stands out for making several dramatic proposals.  While I do not agree with each of these I support her because in ach case she has gone beyoind the usal campaign slogans to actually explain what her prosals mean and how they would be implimented.  She has been able to do this because Senator Warren has recruited high level experts, from industry, banking, academia and our real poltical world. That toois a sign of a great President!  So where I disagree, I know I am disagreeign woth very smart folks and she has given me the details required to make my case!

Reforming the office of the Presidency  

Rebuilding the middle class

Trade policy

Wall Street

Higher Education






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