Trump and the Short Team .. The Cabinet Wants a Return to Kansas

Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore

IS Pompeo Planning to Return to Kansas?

This weekend,Trump fired his Secretary of the Navy for opposing a decision to pardon a sailor convicted of war crimes. The Secretary is part of the most massive exodus from a disaster site since 9/11.

More rumors fly because of Ukraine. Now that the dread disease has spread to Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State is rumored to be looking for the way back to Kansas. Once he goes. there is not much left of Trump’s acclaimed team of the best.

So Washington built his cabinet out of the co conspirators who overthrow his majesty’s government.  Jackson changed all that, bringing in his buds and thugs.  Lincoln selected a team of rivals to fill out his own (sad) lack of knowledge.  Grant went back to the buds and thugs model and gave us the most scandals before Mr. Trump gifted us with his reign.  FDR fought the final war with a cabinet filled with experts.

And so it has gone until Trump.  The Donald said he would appoint the best and brightest.  That did not work so well because he did not know many folks outside his own world of thugs and buds.    He did mange, for awhile, to sell the idea to competent folks that he needed their help. Most have now fled his cabinet, either fired or disgraced.  Donald Trump is left with a movie producer playing the role of treasury secretary and a dubious financier  manipulating the Department of Commerce.”

The closest to anything like a great cabinet has been  Mike Pompeo.  First in his class at West Point and experienced in Congress,  this Kansan has  been dragged into the Ukraine swamp. Pompeo is now rumored to be finding a way back to Kansas.


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