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Red Oktober Comes in July

  The Russian authorities say an explosion on a Russian submarine , within Russian territorial waters has killed 14 sailors. The submarine is identified as AS-12 (nicknamed LOSHARIK).  President Putin said seven of the 14 were captains and that two of the dead had received high military honors[...]

July 3rd, 2019 - 9:19 am § in China, Donald Trump, Economics, Hypocrisy

Africa Sides With China as Trump Capitulates

(Quoted with some edits from The China Daily News) An Africanews’ June 6 article “Why Africa will choose Beijing in ongoing US-China trade war” shows how successful China has been in  building trade alliances that Trump the bluffery from Trump.  Trump’s capitulation to Huawei is a majo[...]

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Burger Overload


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July 4 .. would Jefferson understand?