Senator Warren proposes to pass a law “no one  —  not even a president —  is above the law.”

My wife and I happened to be in Massachusetts when Professor Warren first ran for Senate.  We were excited by her intellect and a deep root that goes back to the founders and her descent from Cherokees.  But most important was her ability to turn slogans into policy.

My choice for President is Elizabeth Warren

“If Donald Trump were anyone other than the president of the United States right now, he would be in handcuffs and indicted.”

I feel that Warren is reading my posts on The Ave.  This week I wrote that the Democrats need to pass a Presidential Powers Act that would use their power of legislation to return the Presidency the intent of the founders .. a Chief Executive, not a King.

Yesterday, Warren laid out her plan to end the presidential immunity policy. Her answer is simple, Congress can passing a law clarifying its “intent that the Department of Justice can indict the president of the United States.” The new policy would bring the US back to the original intent of the Constitution that was written to prevent the President from ever becoming a King.

Warren’s legislation would make it clear that the current Department of Justice “opinions” are illegal.  The legislation would explicitly allow a president to be indicted.

Senator Warren also pledges to appoint an attorney general who “shares my strong conviction that no one  —  not even a president —  is above the law.”

“If Donald Trump were anyone other than the president of the United States right now, he would be in handcuffs and indicted.”

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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    I would like to see Warren on the Supreme Court, not in the White House. I like her deep intellect and ability with issues, which is ideal for a judgeship, but POTUS is a managerial job and she doesn’t have executive experience.

  2. theaveeditor #

    Errrr ahhhh

    Presidents WITH executive experience?

    JACKSON >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>?????

  3. Roger Rabbit #

    17 presidents were governors who ran state governments before moving to the White House.

  4. Roger Rabbit #

    I would not count Trump as having “executive experience.” Running a business is very different from running a government agency or an executive branch of government. That’s why graduate schools have separate schools of business and public management. The two functions require different skillsets and are discrete occupations. Trump has no understanding at all of the difference between the command structure of a business and the politics of government. A president, unlike a CEO, can’t make things happen by barking orders. It doesn’t work that way. He also has to operate with Constitutional and legal limitations, and within the constraints impose by Congress and the courts. Trump doesn’t understand that, either. The federal government is not a business and can’t be run like one.

  5. Mark Adans #

    Wile this is nice rhetoric by Senator Warren in reality that is all it is. If Senator Warren were saying and doing this when the Democratic Party held the levers of power and could pass such a bill, and have it signed by the President or override a veto it would be meaningful, but I doubt the Senator would do such an act. No way to test whether she would, and know if this is just politics or Senator Warren’s true belief and conviction.
    The Constitution does put the President above the law in many respects, and folks who are in Congress are above the law as well and the constitution puts them above the law.
    The fact Vice President Burr shot and killed Alexander Hamilton presents these folks with a dilemma as other than it limited Burr’s future political career he was never charged with a crime. Guess the Vice President is above the law.
    Now the President cannot round up homeless people in DC and use them for skeet shooting on the white house lawn, that would get any President impeached and removed from office or it should, unless we truly have an Imperial Presidency, but short of such a brutal public abuse of power the President is above the law. The office of the President requires it. And the reality is the Constitution specifically lines out many things only the President can do, things only Congress and do and sometimes leaves the lines between blurred or there is actual friction between the two, and it was designed that way on purpose, with both sides struggling for power and checking each other. Both doing dirty political tricks above the law as it has to be.

  6. Mark Adans #

    At the moment it does not appear Warren will be the Democratic nominee. It would be a smart move for President Trump to talk up her being on the Federal Bench (as a District trial job) and a win if he got her to accept the job. Maybe Ambassador to Mozambique. The political winds and Ouija boards are all saying Trump for 2020. Not much about Elizabeth Warren. Except in the Pacific Northwest which is frankly pretty much a political back water, of no notice particular since anyone the Democrats run will win and whoever he Republicans run will loose in Washington, Oregon and California. (Though California did move up its primary, shouldn’t they all be moved back closer to the conventions instead? It will be a wild convention should the candidate tie up the nomination with a big majority and dies before the convention.)

  7. theaveeditor #

    I do not think he would last 3 hours in any public corporation either. he is much closer in executive skills to a mafia boss then to Jeff Bezos.

  8. fortnight44 #

    Don’t kid yourself, buddy. Pretty certain Elizabeth Warren does not read “The Ave.” Could just be that great minds think alike.

  9. theaveeditor #

    Little do you know.

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