The Secret List: Trump’s Plans for a new cabinet if he is reelected

Lisa Fields is a candidate for replacement of Srah Huckabee. Mr. Trump was impressed by here rembance to Huchanee. Both women are devout evangelicals with public speaking skills.

NNF has learned that Donald Trump is planning to appoint an all black cabinet if he is reelected.

Oprah for Secretary of State is out because she is a Democrat? Mike Tyson or  Dennis Rodman are high on the list. Rodman’s freindship with Kim Jun Un is a huge plus.

Tom Sewall or Charles Payne seem to be a shew ins for Secretary Treasury unless Ivanka Trump wants the job. Ivanka probaly will not in part because she can not convert to being black and a Jew in this job would raise too many questions.  Charles Payne may be a favored host because of his experiences with sexual harassment.

With Ben Carson leaving HUD,  Kanya West seems a shew in as Secretary of HUD.  Tyrus (George Murdoch) woudl also be a good candidate.

Allen West, Herschel Walker, and Rob Smith are male candidates for Secretary of Defence.  Harris Faulkner is a dark filly for the job. She would be the first female Secretary of State.  Mr. Trump is concerned that her name is too male but is impressed that she grew up on army basis and her dad was an Army colonel aviator who served  was stationed at the base and had served three terms in Vietnam.

Omarosa Manigault is said to have seen the light adn will rejoin the Administration as Secretary of Homeland Security

David Webb or Mark Burns may replace Rick Perry at the Department of Energy

The Department of Commerce is pretty well set, Herman Cain has the job locked up.  Armstrong Williams was considered but at 81 he is too old.

Amy Holmes is the leading choice to replace Sarah Huckabee. Azealia Banks is alos a candidate as is LL Cool J.  Lisa Fields  is also an candiate becaue of her ties to evangelicals, a tie she shares with M. Huckabee.

Other jobs .. Veterans affairs, interior and postmaster general are to be filled by a list that includes  Michel Faulkner, Archie Alexander, Neal E. Boyd, Paris Dennard, Terrell Owens, Shawne Merriman, Latrell Sprewell, Shelby Steele, Azealia Banks, Tyrus (George Murdoch), Larry Elder, Stacey Dash,

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  1. Mark Adams #

    It could be like an Apprentice thing, with the winner getting to run for President in 2024. Could keep theRepublican roll going, so hopefully the WH is not reading NNF. Is that faint applause I’m hearing from the DC area?!?