What Should Zion Do?


Zion Williamson,a likely NBA superstar, hurt his knee while playing … for free .. for ohso wealthy private college, Duke. Now what?

The consortium of the NBA and NCAA has a “one and done rule” that says a player needs to start playing while in college. So, Mr. Williamson has a choice .. show his loyalty to Duke, playing his role for the honor and glory of the Blue Devils or stay out the season as his knee heals. Since Zion Williamson has a jersey buying guide that shows his growing popularity and many loyal fans, he may be able to stay out of the seasons, work on getting his strength back, and ensure that he can play future seasons. However, this might not be what he decides to do in the end.

  • Do you think that Zion should play the rest of the season? Should he and his parents make the decision to sit him until he is drafted to a paid job in the NBA?.

Anthony Washington, who had a similar injury story as a Husky player, says “Right, some people are going to act like he is ruining the integrity of the game. Which is hilarious, considering the NCAA is one of the most corrupt, inherently racist institutions that we have. I hope that it was just a scare, and he is sitting more for precaution. I want him to play, but seeing that guys shoe explode, anything can happen.”

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  1. Mark Adams #

    He should shock everyone and join the French Foreign Legion and be reborn as a new man.

  2. Mark Adams #

    He should join the French Foreign Legion and be reborn as a new man.