Former Presidents React to Trump’s Wall Speech

Trump Claimed that the Four Living Ex Presidents Support his wall.  They all issued press releases sayin, “Who me?”

These are four very different guys …  a former commander of a nuke sub, a peanut farmer, a hick from Arkansas who protested the Vietnam war, a rich kid from Texas whose Daddy bought hima Presidency, and a black guy from Kenya.  Four American presidents who dealt with real crises and learned on the job.

Trump is incapable of learning.

His wall began as a campaign gimmick.  It’s not about keeping out terrorists and criminals. That’s just an excuse. This is a last-ditch effort to build a coalition of the lumpenproletariat, the resentful underclass that voted the Trump in. If Trump was concerned only about terrorism and crime, he would support immigration reform legislation.  That wold mean more Hindu and Muslim and African and Chinese and Hispanic Americans filling jobs at Amazon and Coca Cola .. jobs where the immigrants and their kids our=tclass the Trumpists.  This new generation of immigrants will not replace the white  majority because they will themselves be divers … the Hyangs and ben Umars and Nadellas will replace the Lowells, Powells, Yorks, Trumps, and even the Cohens and O’Briens as America’s new heirs to our immigrant heritage.  Oh yeh .. there will also be Washingtons, McClelland and Robinsons with black skins rise in the American stew pot.

Trump’s campaign and his policy doesn’t make sense from any other perspective. Illegal immigration has been declining for years. Real data say they contribute money to the US economy because they are hard working,  They even pay into social security although they can not collect its benefits.  Like legal immigrants, the undocumented  come here to work, and don’t want to call attention to themselves by getting into trouble with the law.  So what do we do?  Build a wall or reform out laws so that these fine folks can become Americans and we do a better job of regulating how people who want to enter the US doso legally?

Trump can not agree to a compromise that trades immigration reform for wall funding without losing his ohso white base.  And, now it is not Trump that is in trouble it is the GOP.  Remember them?  The party of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas?  Trump’s Republican Party has no future if it  abandons Trump’s promises to Make  WHITE America Great Again. .



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    Nice background, but would be there if there was a wall fight or not, and frankly when you acknowledge new immigrants tend to become Democrats gets to the heart of things (one obvious solution would be for the Republicans to encourage mass European or Asian immigration, odd they are not doing that).

    Building a wall would be effective. We paid for Israel to build a wall in the Sinai to keep African immigrants out. That wall works.

    No this current fight is set up by the US Constitution and divided power in the US government brought to us by the wisdom of the American voter, perhaps by many thinking it is business as usual by many, but missing the point that the folks who put Trump in, wanted him to be a disrupter. They got that and the Dems should just pony up, or do a horse trade. Only Pelosi the new Sheriff in town does not want to. This should be fun and has little to do with the reasons for or against a wall, but the politics of divided government. I do not recall that the Democrats made not funding the wall a major plank in any Congressional race. Or that Pelosi said much about it in her parade to another two years in the house. Her district is the definition of safe district. If Democrats had been forthright well they would have fewer house members than they do now, and this keeps up their chances in 2020 will diminish as the upcoming 2020 elections are more important than future demographics. What counts in 2020 is the current demographics and at some point even the brown people will get annoyed with the party who cannot put up 5 billion for what the President is calling for which amounts to a rounding error in the budget. And the progressives went along with Paygo, but that does not seem to be the issue with the wall, as the Republicans can find programs that they think deserve 5 billion less for any reason including building a wall. We will see how the Paygo plays out for Progressives and see if it is ignored for what Progressives wants or is used to shut down Progressive objectives. I know this probably got drowned out by the fight over the wall, could be a result desired by both Pelosi and Trump, which of course means this is what the wall fight is really about. It is about power and who has it in Washington or the lack of power. Leaving a lot of government unfunded.

    Not that Democrats stood against increases to the military budget.

  2. Mark Adams #

    And with the Justice department being shut down, it would seem the Mueller investigation is not essential. Or it can sit out until funding is resolved, or at least that is a call the new AG could make or the temporary AG could make. No wall could mean the Mueller investigation stalls. Pelosi is guilty of interfering with the investigations using the logic of the Mueller investigation, they should get right on that after they get funding.

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