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  1. Mark Adeams #

    The fact that RGB is an old woman is not a sufficient enough fact she should or should not retire. Two cancerous growths should be of some interest to the public. If the Judge had slipped into a coma she would be a Supreme Court justice until death or removal from office by the US Senate. The last time I saw her on TV she did not look good nor bad for someone her age. She could live to 110 or die tomorrow when a beer truck runs her over or dies in her sleep. Depending on where you are on the political spectrum she should have retired during the last Presidency or was over Female Federal judge with similar views. If so her hubris traps her in office for at least two more years. She very well could be a Supreme Court justice until her dying breath, it’s happened before with justices filling a seat for years unable to fulfill their duties, but no political will in Congress to push a justice to the pasture. If not RGB it will be another Justice, and for a bit there will be discussion of a political solution, that will not take place simply because Amendments to the Constitution are hard to do.

  2. Roger Rabbit #

    She doesn’t need to live to 110, but we do need her to hang in there a couple more years.