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On chilly wet Sunday morning in early December I was in the social hall at the Catholic parish I attend. This is the “Coffee and Doughnuts” hour which I normally do not attend. However, I was there to help sell Christmas cards for the Knights of Columbus which promotes “Keep Christ in Christma[...]

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BREXIT .. the decline and fall of the Brits

This week, Theresa May barely survived a vote of non confidence by her own party.  The vote, by the party that hods dear the image of the Crown and Empire, was inevitable.  Great Brotain is no longer.  The English are now only one of many medium size states in a world domnated by China and [&hell[...]

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Was deadly California fire started by a gun?

PG&E found broken equipment and bullet holes where fire started California utility PG&E released evidence Tuesday suggesting the deadliest wildfire in the state’s history may have been caused by someone shooting out a connector on a utility pole where the fire started. The utility said[...]

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