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Comment on the Gospel As Taught in Washington State

In the aftermath of the death of John Chau, a Christian missionary who tried to invade the Andaman Islands, two things have struck me. The first is the number of Black friends on Facebook who insist that Chau, despite his slanted eyes and Chinese last name was “white.”  From the stories[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Robert Muller Announces Indictments!

(TA News, Washington DC) TAN is one of a few news agencies invited to this announcements. Because of the Trump administration’s new rules for which media can attend, we are part of a coalition with RT, Univision, Farsi News, Telemundo, and Al Jazeera to be invited to stream this important even[...]

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Fishing Season


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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: No. Judaism is not Christian

While mutual support and respect is a good thing, Jews and Christians need to understand that Christianity is anything but Jewish. The essence of Christianity is the story of a man-God, an idea very common in Greek religions but alien to Judaism.  Judaism has a strict law against polytheism and the[...]