Kavanaugh as a legal thug

I oppose Brett Kavanaugh because he has been a professional
legal thug for the far right of the GOP.


Today we have the latest accusation against Brett Kavanaugh … that he was part of a gang of boys who got girls drunk and then assaulted them.  I do not know if this accusation is true but there is plenty of reason to believe that such things happened at his Catholic boys school.  If Kavanaugh is innocent he should tell us what was going on and welcome and investigation.  He will not do that, whether he is innocent or guilty, because Brett Kavanaugh is a legal thug.

Legal thug is my term for a lawyer who uses the law in unethical ways. These lawyers show up everywhere in our system.  Not all are as crude as Trump’s Michael Cohen.  Many are as smooth as a network anchor.  But, these thigs USE the law to game our system.  In court they take advantage for their role as officers of the court to lie and cheat, after all no attorney has ever been convicted of perjury. Why is that?

This is not unique to the right.  Alan Dershowitz is an Avatar for thuggery.  Listen to his defense of celebrity rights to use expensive lawyers.  He actually argues that OJ’s guilt was irrelevant since the system worked. Tell that to his paid client or to the Fox News hosts who celebrate Dershowitz attacks on Bob Mueller.

Brett Kavanaugh is clearly a bright man.  He has interpreted the law meticulously as a judge and likely would write brilliant opinions as a Justice of the Supreme Court..  The question is not his talent at use of the law, but his willingness to abuse the law.   
His record as a GOP activist attorney is relevant.  He supported the Chaney-Bush use of torture, the impeachment of Clinton, and abuse of the Constitution to begin our endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This history says to me that he places ideology above the law.
in regard to the current scandal, I would say the same. I certainly do not know anything about his sex life. But the issues that have been raised … if he were a straight judicial constructionist .. would mandate that a real inquiry be made.

If Brett Kavanaugh were a “strict constructionist” HE would ask for a delay so the FBI could evaluate the claims.

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