TANEWS: BREAKING: Putin is going to offer to extradite Snowden for trial in the USA!

(TANEWS*, Finland)  A source in the Finnish secret police, Suojelupoliisi  SUPO) has told TAN’s news source in Norway that Edward Snowden is returning to the US!

Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump have agreed that Russia will respond to the charges against its intelligence agency by offering to return Edward Snowden for trial in the United States. 

The Russian leader feels this will be seen as an extraordinary act of good faith and respect for his friend, Mr. Trump. 

Sources in Moscow confirmed that Mr. Snowden has disappeared.  His apartment, a few blocks from the Kremlin is now guarded by agents of the GRU and they will not answer questions.  The SUPO source would not reveal whether Mr. Snowden is currently in Helsinki or will return with Mr, Trump as a prisoner or perhaps as a  guest in Air Force 1.

Politco has a similar report.   reports that Trump  ““guarantee[d]” he would bring home the infamous National Security Agency whistleblower.”  “Trump …  declared on Twitter in April 2014″ …. some experts think handing over Snowden would be an easy way for Putin to do Trump a favor — giving the president a victory that would especially please intelligence and national security officials angry he hasn’t done more to counter Russian election meddling. Before Trump was sworn in in January 2017, former Deputy CIA Director Michael Morell wrote that handing over Snowden would be “the perfect inauguration gift” from Putin to Trump.”

“If Trump wants this as a victory then I don’t see why Putin wouldn’t give it to him,” said Geoffrey Stone, a University of Chicago Law School professor who served on a foreign intelligence surveillance panel created by President Barack Obama shortly after Snowden’s leaks. “If Putin wants to either do a favor for Trump or make Trump look good, and if Trump wants this, it would be an easy thing for Putin to do,” Stone said.

“You can almost see the picture of Snowden in handcuffs being dragged into Air Force One,” he added.”  READMORE ON POLITICO

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