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March 4th, 2018 - 6:38 pm § in Misc.

MH-370 new search update

A new search for missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 by a private U.S. company, Ocean Infinity, began in late January using 8 Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (UAVs) (photo), and after a weather delay in mid-February, has now covered about 8,200 km2 of a 25,000 km2 search area. Ocean Infinity posts [...]

March 4th, 2018 - 12:18 pm § in Donald Trump

About those steel and aluminum tariffs …

Stocks dropped last week after Trump announced his intention to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. He didn’t base this action on economic arguments, but on national security, which makes sense. If we depend on Santa’s Workshop for steel needed for defense, and get into a confl[...]

March 4th, 2018 - 8:11 am § in Misc.

Spring Time Is Coming


March 4th, 2018 - 4:23 am § in Misc.

SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Walking on water


March 4th, 2018 - 1:22 am § in Misc.

SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Quotes of the Founders

“Knowledge and liberty are so prevalent in this country, that I do not believe that the United States would ever be disposed to establish one religious sect, and lay all others under legal disabilities. But as we know not what may take place hereafter, and any such test would be exceedingly injuri[...]