Sore loser.

Roy Moore has filed suit to block today’s scheduled certification of the U.S. Senate special election he lost to Democrat Doug Jones, alleging unspecified “irregularities” and demanding a new election. Moore previously claimed the election outcome was tainted by voting fraud, without offering evidence.

Alabama’s top election administrator, Secretary of State John Merrill, a Republican, said the lawsuit won’t stop the state canvassing board from certifying the election. Moore could then request a recount, but would have to pay for it, and his campaign doesn’t have that much money.

It seems unlikely the lawsuit is a coordinated delaying tactic to keep Jones from being seated when Congress reconvenes Jan. 3, narrowing the GOP’s Senate majority to 51-49. Top Republican leaders have called on Moore to concede. Rather, Moore just can’t accept the fact he lost. He believed he was God’s chosen one. Or maybe he feels only white men should be allowed to vote. After all, that was the culture he grew up in.

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