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Cowboys of the Sky

What these guys do is cool. They BUILD stuff. Others talk, they do. It’s nerve-wracking just to think about it. They often don’t use safety harnesses, because they say that makes their work more dangerous. Just don’t fall off, or if you do, fall inside the building so you’ll [...]

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Funny You Do Not Look Jewish


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So Nikki Haley identified as “white” on her voting registration. Is that an issue? Of course, if she can pass that is her privilege. The problem is not the fiction itself but how it is used. Being proud of your ancestry is usually a great GOOD .. unless that identity is used to demean ot[...]

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The Professional Choice


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GOP Rep calls middle-class tax cuts “socialism”

Robert Pittenger, a multimillionaire businessman, barely won a “safe” GOP seat in North Carolina in 2012, and since then has been one of the most dogmatic, closed-minded, radically rightwing — and racist — members of Congress. If you have a pre-existing condition, he says you[...]

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Bad Xmas Presents


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Snow Removal


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