Sunday Revelations: How come the story of Jesus disapears from Judea after his death?

Whether Jesus actually existed, we do know he attracted very little attention in Judea.  No contemporary source mentions Jesus or his religion.  Even during the huge religious revival of the 60s (that is the 0060s) the Christians do not appear among the groups vying for attention.

The reason is likely that Christianity simply never caught on amongst the people of Judea. It arose later, based on Paul, as a Greek religion with the Jesus of the Jews transmogrified with Dionysius and Mithra to become the Christ of the Romans.

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  1. Davey Jones #

    Because he didn’t really exist, the myth of Jesus was created by “Paul” to add a deity to a newly founded religion.

    This new cult was then claimed to be a continuation of an older established religion to give it “street cred”

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