SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Before Eden, There Was Knowledge

Prehistoric stone tools bear 500,000-year-old animal residue

The Torah seems to have left out what came before Eve.  Now, among elephant remains  at a Lower Paleolithic site near Revadim, Israel, Prof. Ran Barkai has found “handaxes” and “scrapers,” … prehistoric stone tools, replete with animal residue some 500,000 years old!

So humans had eaten of the tree of knowledge before God created Eve!  Of course this is a good 300,000 years before modern humans appeared and even before out cousins the Neanderthals.  These proto humans must have had some way, perhaps demonstration to each other as is seen in wolves, to pass the knowledge on from generation to generation, reproducing similar tools across great distant expanses and over hundreds of thousands of years.  It means pre humans used tools before they became fully intelligent .. primitive tools may have created the evolutionary pressure that led to the modern brain!

And then came Eve!


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