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SHAME ON McConnell

Mitch McConnell, with the support of every Republican in the Senate chamber, forced Elizabeth Warren to stop talking because she was reading a letter from Coretta Scott King regarding Jeff Sessions’ fitness to be Attorney General. I know that there is a Senate rule against impugning the motive[...]

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Trump threatens Texas legislator for proposing civil forfeiture reform

President Trump elicited laughs Tueday from a group of sheriffs by offering to “destroy the career” of a Texas state senator who introduced a bill to reform civil asset forfeiture. Trump later claimed he was only joking. Read story here and watch video below. The senator, Konni Burton, [...]

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Trump Satire Tags!


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TRUMPISMS “the murder rate in our country is the highest it’s been in 47 years.”

President Trump met Tuesday morning with a group of sheriffs from the National Sheriffs Association, a group that consists of more than 3,000 sheriffs from around the country. And to this sworn group of  law enforcement veterans, with reporters taking notes, he again repeated a falsehood about the[...]

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Trump’s Muslim ban explained

In law and politics, things are rarely as simple or clearcut as they appear. A law professor explains why Trump’s executive order is unconstitutional, what the legal arguments against it are, and why those challenging it ought to prevail. Read that article here. You can read the governmentR[...]

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A Bad Choice

Betsy DeVos Confirmed as Education Secretary; Pence Breaks Tie This is tragic.  From all appearances, De Vos is at best a well meaning heiress with good intent, too much money but little knowledge.  Even though I am an advocate of  PUBLIC CHARTER SCHOOLS, Ms. De Vos’ efforts to block review[...]

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Buying Beer in Nigeria

Please pay attention to this receipt from a grocery store in Lagos. I bought a 12 pack Heineken and some other items for a total of N3,760.00 That is the equivalent of less than $8.00. In my neck of the woods in Washington DC, a 12 pack of Heineken is about $15.00. But here affordability […][...]

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Charlie: This guy really helped shape my thinking.

The militant philosopher of Third World liberation   by LEO ZEILIG     Frantz Fanon   In 1953 Fanon moved to Algeria to work in the small town of Blida, about 50 miles from the capital Algiers. He applied for a position as a psychiatrist, having recently qualified. Fanon did [...]

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Michael Hood from Haiti


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WHO SAID THAT? A short story in quotes

Avi Ibrahim Balser FACEBOOK The teacher said, “Let’s begin by reviewing some American History. Who said ‘Give me Liberty , or give me Death’?” She saw a sea of blank faces, except for Little Akio, a bright foreign exchange student from Japan , who had his hand up: R[...]