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Trump Disinvited

Trump Is Not Welcome To Address Brit Parliament, Speaker of the House of Declares[...]

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A fish story


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Snow in Seattle


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Pro-Trump rally draws 8 people

A rally to support Trump and his immigration ban was held in Portland, Maine, on Saturday.  This is who showed up.  [...]

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Recognize that you’re the enemy Trump requires.

David Brewster This article, about the lessons learned in fighting populism in Venezuela, has some important lessons. In sum, “Recognize that you’re the enemy Trump requires. Show concern, not contempt, for the wounds of those who brought him to power. By all means, be patient with democracy[...]

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The New Yorker


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TRUMPISMS: “who knows who did it?”

In January last year, after a British judge ruled that Putin had “probably” authorized the murder of former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko in London, Trump said he saw no evidence the Russian president was guilty. “First of all, he says he didn’t do it. Many people say it was[...]

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A Man, A Dog, And A Liver


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Putin’s Russia Allies With Kim’s North Korea

North Korea lists Russia first among countries friendly with regime North Korea prioritized Russia in a statement that listed the heads of state who were reportedly presented with holiday greeting cards from Kim Jong Un. UPI.COM[...]

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White House Press Conference