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5 killed in Quebec mosque attack

At least 5 people were killed when 3 gunmen opened fire on a crowd of 40 worshippers at Quebec mosque Sunday night, Reuters and other news services reported. More details here. This is a developing story. Photo: The scene outside a Quebec mosque where a deadly attack occurred.  [...]

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Emotional scene at Dulles Airport as 5-year-old boy arrested by Trump is reunited with his mother

Watch video below and read story here. And don’t say Trump didn’t arrest and detain this kid, because the airport police were simply doing their job in following his orders. Trump alone is responsible for this travesty.[...]

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Seattle Protest Live


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Trump accuses GOP senators of trying to start World War 3

President Trump lashed out Sunday against GOP senators critical of his Muslim ban, tweeting that “John McCain & Lindsey Graham … should focus their energies on ISIS, illegal immigration and border security instead of always looking to start World War III.” Trump’s staff a[...]

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Olbermann: “Trump’s not well”


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TRUMPISM: Greek Style

Greece three weeks away from ‘explosive’ debt problems, says IMF A failure for Greece and the EU to reach a compromise by 20 February ‘would bring back Grexit with a vengeance’.[...]

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Supporting our international scholars and students Ana Mari Cauce On Friday morning, I had breakfast with David Bonderman, an alumnus who completed his undergraduate degree in Russian at the UW, and then a law degree at Harvard. He is best known to our students as the man who established what they c[...]

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Travelling while Muslim

For those of you who have students or colleagues currently stranded outside of the U.S. with tickets to return to the USA, please let Simon Sandoval-Moshenberg know ASAP. He is the Director of the Immigrant Advocacy Program at the Legal Aid Center in Washington, DC. And he can offer free legal help.[...]

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Trump Launches Right Wing Putsch

America’s Nazis Come to Power President Donald Trump is reshuffling the US National Security Council (NSC) replacing the military chiefs of staff with the Alt Right councilor Steve Bannon. Mr. Bannon, formerly the head of the populist right-wing, Breitbart News website, has no military quali[...]

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NOT ALL NIGGERS ARE CHRISTIANS In this episode, whitey finds out not all niggers are Christian. They don’t abide by Jesus commandment to turn the other cheek to their enemy. First make sure whitey is not carrying a gun. Make sure he is not the police and if he keeps calling you nigger, whack h[...]