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La Marseillaise sung by Imans and Rabbis leading Frenchmen in Paris


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The Perils of Fracking: Texas Quake

  Study identifies 2012 U.S. quake as “man-made” SAN FRANCISCO,  (Xinhua) — A new study has identified a 4.8-magnitude earthquake in East Texas in 2012, the largest recorded in the region, as man-made event triggered by the injection of large volumes of wastewater from oil an[...]

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The rigged election

Ru Man ·The most well planned rigged election in our history. Starting with the witch hunt against Hillary over two years ago knowing she would be the presumptive nominee, wiki leaks with the help of Putin only targeting Hillary and the DNC and ending with Comey and the FBI. Clinton Campaign Thinks[...]

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More neofascists endorse Trump

Charlie James Now Trump has become the de-facto leader of an International White Nationalist movement. ‘White Nation in South Africa’ Sends Congratulatory Message to President-Elect Trump – Atlanta Black Star Following Trump’s historic election to the U.S. presidency Tuesday [...]

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A Trump Era Fashion Statement


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AFTER TRUMP: Dishonoring American Veterans

Jeremy Sher Donald Trump was AWOL at the country’s Veterans Day events — but his supporters are seen in Petaluma, California, with their traitorous Confederate flags. Don’t start telling me they’re just expressing pride in their region’s Southern heritage. Not in Petalu[...]

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Be Afraid: How Trump Came to Be

The sort of idiocies that have led to fascism elsewhere.   From the self righteous right: Mark Khusid FACEBOOK The libtards who are calling for assassination, killing whites, civil war or whatever…. Cease and desist now. You don’t want a civil war. It will end very badly for you.Libe[...]

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Anti Trump Plans The Inauguration


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Chinazor Onianwah shared Onyeka Nwelue‘s post. My friend, Stephen Schwartz, asked me why Africans can’t practice their original faith before the invasion of Europeans. It’s not that simple to offer an answer. When you are told that Jesus Christ, died for you, and he has no clue who[...]

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