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Its Over


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Election Update

7:30  CLARE MALONE  528 The race in Michigan has tightened and, according to our live forecast, it’s now too close to call. Why? We’ve talked a fair bit about the divisions emerging between college-educated and non-college-educated voters in the country, and in Michigan, voters with a college [...]

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Hillary Clinton will call rival Donald Trump

In an interview on Monday, Hillary Clinton  said she intends to call rival Donald Trump if she wins the presidency.[...]

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The bet is now 50/50

  NATE SILVER 9:35 PM Prediction markets now have the Electoral College as being almost even money.[...]

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VA and NC in play at 6:30

6:44 Ed Rendell says NC could go![...]

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FL close, Hillary likely to win 6:20


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Nate Silver: scary!

NATE SILVER 5:36 PM One thing seems fairly clear, as we wait for the first swing state dominoes to fall: If Trump wins the Electoral College tonight, and it remains something of a long shot, it’s going to be with narrow wins in a large number of swing states instead of something more emphatic. An[...]