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How Republicans see women


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Kevin Baker We pay tribute and show our gratitude to our savior Augusto Pinochet who saved Chile from the claws of communism; and show the rest of the world that there’s hope. Never forget 9/11/1973 when glorious Mi General BTFO’d marxist communist scum![...]

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THE Ave Challenge: Whosit?

Candidate for US Vice President French movie star Iranian movie star Lead in next Star Trek Transgender teache rin North Carolina[...]

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Francis Jacobson: Why Trump Has a Chance

 Francis Jacobson I have noticed tons and tons of posts, news stories and the like that show what a charlatan he is. Likewise, the same is true for Mrs. Clinton. My friendBryan will post something and comment “May it be his downfall.” Yet I know that it won’t, and I think I have a[...]

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TA-NEHISI COATES: Hillary is Right

Hillary Clinton Was Politically Incorrect, but She Wasn’t Wrong  Clinton said half of Donald Trump’s supporters were prejudiced. If anything, her numbers are too low. TA-NEHISI COATES[...]

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David Preston: Under the Bridge

. This muh man, Lantz. He lives under a bridge somewhere in Seattle. Which bridge? Doesn’t matter, does it? Could be any bridge, really. We got hundreds of ’em. . Lantz is treasurer of an organization that’s gotten millions of dollars in grants from Seattle over the years. Or at le[...]

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9/11 .. How Bush Turned an Act of Terror Into Success for the Terrorists

9/11 was WAY oversold by the Bush-Chaney right wing cabal. Yes it was horrid but countries who deal with terrorism have been there before without the massive over reaction we showed. Chaney and co, used this event to turn Bush, a fumbling rich boy of a President, into a Churchill. Bill Quick   Nev[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Obama the antichrist Muslim


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The revelation today about Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia made me wonder, given all he has been through, would death during a campaign agsinst the anti Christ, make her eligible to be a saint? Mother Theresa is the newest example of the Papacy’s claim to deify humans. I say “deify[...]

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Ethiopean New Year

BETTINA HANSEN / THE SEATTLE TIMES Abel Mesfin, 8, dances with other youth at a celebration for the Ethiopian New Year at the Ethiopian Community in Seattle community center in the Rainier Beach neighborhood on Sept. 7, 2014. The Ethiopian New Year always falls on September 11 except for leap years,[...]