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Police wouldn’t have shot this guy if he’d been white

Last month, on July 28, L.A. sheriff’s deputies searching for a carjacking suspect (who, unknown to them, had already been arrested) shot and killed Donnell Thompson, 28. They found him laying in a front yard. He was unarmed. He hadn’t committed a crime. But he suffered from development [...]

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Burning down civilization

In April 1989, a 28-year-old woman was brutally attacked in the “Central Park jogger” case. Police rounded up 5 youths, ages 14 to 16, of whom 4 were black and 1 Hispanic. The DNA evidence didn’t match any of them, but based on coerced confessions, they spent years in prison. Event[...]

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People Kill Whales

2015-06-24 16:11 Royal Navy Admits Causing Whale Deaths[...]

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A Take of Two Cities