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Russian Pilot Trumps The Blue Angels


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BREAKING NEWS: NY Tabloid Endorses Clinton

Her stature secure as the first woman nominated for President by a major U.S. political party, Hillary Clinton departed from the Democratic Convention to face a rival who wears his personal disqualifications as badges of honor…. She also goes forth having conclusively demonstrated that she is far [...]

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I Endorse Greg Zempel for Supreme Court Position 5

  This is the first time in 20 years that  all three state supreme court justices up for re-election are facing opponents.   To be honest I usually do not  vote in that election because I simply do not know enough.  This year I have decided to  vote for Greg Zempel for Position 5  on [...]

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(DES MOINES) – Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has opened a significant lead over Republican nominee Donald Trump, now leading him by 15 points, according to a new online nationwide survey conducted on Friday, July 29th by RABA Research, a bipartisan polling firm. Among likely voters, Clinton g[...]

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WTF? Who are these people?

Who are these people?  Why do we elect a state auditor?  Can’t we just hire one?   [...]

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The Feckless Dems ..Giving Florida to Rubio

RUBIO TO WIN! Grayson implodes Alan Grayson has been a left wing darling, more outspoken then Bernie or Elizabeth, but afflicted by YUGE black eyebrows.  His vitriol and eagerness for hard edged left wing causes made him a hero. Now he has fallen with all the disgrace more tyoiucal of a repugnant [...]

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Sound Transit’s Eyman ploy

Sound Transit is trying to sabotage opposition to its $54 billion fall ballot proposition, dubbed “ST3,” by appointing Tim Eyman to write the oppo statement for the voters pamphlet. Yes, that Tim Eyman, the initiative entrepreneur under investigation for allegedly embezzling campaign fun[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Houston Chronicle Endorses Hillary

Both Campaigns Stunned After Houston Chronicle Makes VERY Surprising Endorsement One of the largest newspapers in all of Texas, which previously endorsed…[...]

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Do not buy:TRACKR

This button sized gizmo seems like a great idea.  Find your keys, your dog, your wallet .. all using blue tooth and your cell phone!Still can not get tech support. We bought 7 TRACKRS , to work with my Samsung Note 4 and my wife’s Note 3.  We wanted to track our wallets, diabetes kit, key[...]