Seattle’s Black Bigotry

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Ian Eisenberg

This is my neighbor in the CD. “A good Christian.” I am supposed to respect him because it is his “culture” and all cultures are equal. I am sorry but bigoted haters like him scare and disgust me far more than Trump. IMHO this ugly, ignorant hater is on a far worse scale than most anything else I have encountered in my lifetime. He calls me a Kike and a Hebe and city officials have explained that I should respect his opinion. I do not. Capital “P” progressives need to stand up to what is wrong in the world – even if it is not PC.

!1Kevin Altheimer Amos

Good Evening From Seattle WA.
Kevin Altheimer Amos, exposes the devil in the details surrounding the propose Seattle restriction on Christian parents.

Saras Mae He doesn’t need more God…he needs a fucking therapist. It’s sad to watch a purported heterosexual think about hardcore gay sex all day in his Facebook posts.

He meets me and the only thing he remembers about me is my breasts. He is obviously sexually charged. This is what sexual oppression does to people…it makes them fucking irrational.

It’s interesting btw that he calls me a man and talks about my breasts. It’s almost like he really wants me to be a man with breasts. He needs me to be a man with breasts…just like he needs to have the image in his mind of two men engaged in anal or other scenes you can imagine being uploaded to sites like twinki and other gay content across the internet.

Carlos Mullen This man is disgusting. He’s from Seattle?
Ian Eisenberg Ian Eisenberg Somewhat of a respected figure in the CD.
Saras Mae Saras Mae Yup.
Saras Mae Saras Mae Ian Eisenberg kind of like Omari….
Carlos Mullen Carlos Mullen I’ve been trying to figure out what to type. All I can think is ENOUGH. You shouldn’t feel like this. No American should. Is this a church? I understand CD is central district but who’s this guy affiliate himself with. I’d like to ask him some questions. I’m curious to see if he will answear them. As a veteran this whole thread breaks my heart.
Ian Eisenberg Ian Eisenberg I don’t want to call out the church. I don’t even know if it is “his” church. (Frankly I don’t know what that means. I know he goes there sometimes. I know some ex politicians like Louis Watanabe for State Senate – 37th LD affiliate with him for political gain. I do know his views are not isolated. They are fairly mainstream in certain circles. Seattle Progressives go on and on about correctness but often overlook what is right under their noses.
Carlos Mullen Carlos Mullen Extremely extremely disappointed. Where is the accountability. Have people collectively complained about this and what you are living through?
Juliana Alexander Juliana Alexander A couple years ago a white guy was sentenced to 6 months in jail for calling a black woman a nigger. Who are the city officials who have blown this off? Please post the names and numbers of city officials to contact and I would be glad to. So would many other people. It seems the civil rights laws against racial harrassment are not being applied equally in Seattle.
Ian Eisenberg Ian Eisenberg Too many too list. And frankly I am scared of political blowback for my business and employees. There is this lame belief that any African American speaks for all. It is a cop out stemming from the white establishment that wants to be seen as in touch with the black community.
Saras Mae Saras Mae Ian Eisenberg I will say his name: Ed Murray.
George Arthur George Arthur Isn’t Ed Murray pronounced Voldemort in Parseltongue?
Ian Eisenberg Ian Eisenberg First rule of politics – get elected. Second rule of politics – get re-elected.
George Arthur George Arthur Nut job blabbering about a whole lot of nothing and thinking he has scientific fact. He sounds like a blithering idiot. I’ve heard his hate elsewhere. He likes the limelight. BTW, this guy spouts off so much that I think he has some very seriously repressed homosexual tendencies. This dude is on the DSM spectrum pinging several chapters.

Saras Mae There’s a huge anti science movement these days. Ever heard of the Flat Earther Movement?

George Arthur George Arthur Saras Mae, I have. And as a joke I posted about it and was surprised one morning when I saw how many people are buying into this as science fact. I wasted a good bowl of Capt Crunch face palming.
Juliana Alexander

Juliana Alexander Why hasn’t The Stranger covered this?

Ian Eisenberg Ian Eisenberg Lorena González You are an inspiring Council Member. Thank you for what you are doing.
Stephen Barrett

Stephen Barrett Totally agree Ian Eisenberg and I have your back 😉

Sunshine Mary-am
Thaddeus Stephenson

Thaddeus Stephenson Like A MFing Boss! ??????

GW Lamb
GW Lamb Stzy
Philip Dawdy
Philip Dawdy I won’t watch. Already know
Sarah Owens

Sarah Owens I’m all for standing up, but he sounds mentally ill. That’s a whole different thing to be worried about, the unpredictability, I mean. Stay safe.

GW Lamb GW Lamb Stay strong brother. Embarassed to admit I had no clue how common this was until I married into the Tribe.
Andrew SaysAndrew Says Feel free to call me if you ever feel physically threatened. I have a very low tolerance for people like this.
Joseph Havlin Joseph Havlin if he’s calling you a hebe and a kike, he’s not a Christian. Even if he says he is. i could not sit through all 14 minutes of this fool’s word salad he cloaks his rant in christian terminology, but its all crap. if you ever feel physically threatened by this moron, you can call on me too.
Nicholas Walker Nicholas Walker His argument is unsound. He uses wrong language and fallacy of authority through religion.
Scott Wilburn Scott Wilburn I think I’ve seen this sad, angry homophobe on Grindr on the DL
Adam Plascencia Adam Plascencia It’s despicable and sad how people like this even get a following.
Mike Bracco Mike Bracco Well my blood is boiling before 7 a.m. fuuuuuuuuuck that guy
Steve Kiggins Steve Kiggins I also woke up to this. I haven’t heard this kind of language since I lived in the bible belt.
John Cooper John Cooper Religious wacko are dangerous
Katha Dalton Katha Dalton Hate speech is a crime: can’t he be taken to court, Ian? ???

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    Keep on keeping on brother I with you all the way from lakewood nj