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Turkey Drowns in Erdogan Revenge

Turkey coup: Crackdown toll passes 45,000 – BBC News At least 50,000 people have been detained, sacked or suspended from their jobs amid a crackdown in Turkey following last week’s failed coup. More than 50,000 people have been rounded up, sacked or suspended.  Academics banned from goi[...]

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Fox News: Roger Ailes Out Will receive a $40 million buyout. Share THEDAILYBEAST.COM[...]

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Corporate Boycotts at the RNC: Microsoft and Google give to Trump?

(abstracted from CNET) HP, which donated $1 million in funds and tech equipment to the past two Republican National Conventions, abruptly said it would snub this year’s GOP gathering in Cleveland.Apple, which committed computers and iPhones to the last two Republican conventions, also sent its[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: More trouble for FAUX News


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THE Ave Challenge: Where is this?

1.Turkey 2. Russia 3. ISIS 4. Mad Max 5. Trump Commercial[...]

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In the STEM era, do they really still teach Latin?

David Brewster One part of university humanities that is not declining, including at UW, is classics. The likely reason is all the attention classics profs pay to high school teachers, producing a trickle-up pattern for the humanities. Most other humanities departments look down their noses at high [...]

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Trump Gets the Republican National Convention to Follow His Lead


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Black Racism vs TRUMPISM

  ARE THESE OUR CHOICES?   Jews financed slavery Jews financed Hitler Jews own the TV Jews own the media[...]

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Anchor Found .. was it from Vancouver’s Boat?

Capt. George Vancouver’s anchor? Salvagers hope so They say they’re now $70,000 into proving that an old anchor they pulled up off Whidbey Island was from a ship in Captain Vancouver’s historic exploration of the Northwest in 1792. An expert who examined the relic is doubtful, but Scott Grimm [...]

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THE Ave Challenge