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With Friends Like This, Does Israel Need Enemies?

Michele Bachmann: Convert as Many Jews as Possible Because Jesus is Coming Back ‘Soon’ Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann appeared on Family Research Council president Tony Perkins’ ‘Washington Watch’ radio show to share her urgent… LATEST.COM[...]

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What If The Kochs Bought The LA Times?

Conservatives are always complaining that the liberals control the media.  If so that control is very fragile: Charles Spies, the Republican fundraiser, who ran the pro-Mitt Romney super-PAC Restore Our Future, explained to Mother Jones:   “If I had the resources and wanted to impact the [...]

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Hillary was picked by voters, not superdelegates

She won by getting more votes than Sanders. And she would win under any delegate-allocation system you can name. See below.[...]

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150th Anniversary of the death of Chief Seattle

Chief Seattle .. he is buried across the Sound. This statue of the Chief sits in Downtown Seattle, under the monorail. Four roads intersect around the tiny plot of concrete and grass beneath the statue. Cars and trucks spew fumes and only a daring pedestrian would try to cross the street to look c[...]

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Racism’s last hurrah?

Now that Republicans have discovered their presidential candidate is a full-blown racist, maybe we can turn this election into a national referendum on racism, with white supremacists on one side (Trump) and everybody else on the other side (Hillary). Depending on how it turns out, maybe we can fina[...]

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Charlie James After slavery people said “whites will eventually accept equality just wait” and then we had 100 years of Jim Crow. After the first Black President the same optimist said “see America has changed.”…..Hummmmm. We are getting ready for one of the most racist[...]

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Bernie Paranoia

Jack Smith FACEBOOK If Bernie is squeezed out by the Democrat, Media, Clinton, Axis of Evil, I likeCindy Sheehan‘s suggestion that our new leader of the Revolution become, “Castro of Capital Hill.” I agree but think we should consider a younger woman for that leadership position. [...]

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A tale of 2 rapists

Brian Banks (left) and Brock Turner (right) were both student athletes. Banks played football; Turner was a swimmer. Both were accused of rape; one is innocent, the other guilty. Banks, who is innocent, served 5 years; Turner, who’s guilty, was sentenced to serve 3 months. How did this dispari[...]