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Buchenwald 124: A Survivor Who Should have the Chance to See My Father’s Pictures

Israel Meir Lau. Palestine, 1945. Rabbi Lau is still alive, now in Tel Aviv. He is one of the most important people I want to see the pictures my brother is trying to destroy. Why does Hugh Schwartz refuse to allow the pictures to be saved and shared?  Has he destroyed them?[...]

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Muhammad Ali (1942 – 2016)


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Script for Trump U. class told students to commit fraud

The Trump University scandal just got a lot worse. “A Trump University seminar presentation advised students to try and boost their credit card limit by inflating their income by $75,000, according to documents made public in federal court this week. The instruction, legal experts said, could amou[...]

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Comment by Chinazor Africa: where black is still beautiful – contrary to a BBC new report of January 2013 headlined “Africa: where black is still not beautiful”

Contrary to a BBC new report of January 2013 headlined “Africa: where black is still not beautiful” There is upsurge in skin-bleaching by African women who want to look white, which they believe is the standard of beauty. According to United Nations published reports Nigerian women leads[...]

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THE Ave Challenge

WHAT IS IT? A. Noah’s arc replica B. North Korean mine sweeper C. Wooden Boat Center  classic workboat D. Queen’s gig replica E. Nessi float replacement  [...]

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FRANCIS JACOBSON: Education Is Not Free

FRANCIS JACOBSON There is an idea floating around about free college education. I don’t favor this. I favor a German style segregation of students, but since American parents see their children as a refection on them I don’t see this happening. I say this based on personal experience. I [...]

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Seems Clear, SC Guv Will Not Be Trumpette VP.

Haley: Divisive Rhetoric Like Trump’s Led To Charleston Church Shooting Share BY ALLEGRA KIRKLAND[...]