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What is Bernie’s goal?

The more I see of Bernie the more I believe he is the real thing … a true “progressive” with all the drive to bring change.   Skepticism, however, comes from Bernie’s predecessors and their fate .. La Follette, Thoman, Teddy R. Even in Europe, the real world steps on and mo[...]

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Chinazor: Nigerian Corruption

Chinazor Onianwah  Internet rumor has it that President Buhari would soon visit Nigeria to explain to his ill-informed supporters why he went to China to borrow $6billion at 28% interest considered cheap loan for a country ruled by an illiterate in his 70s. Even a die-hard anti Buhari Nigerian such[...]

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wwJd? What would a Jewish president do about Israel and Palestine?

Jeremy Sher  FACEBOOK I’ve been concerned this whole cycle that Hillary would run rightward on Israel, either because she really is pro-settlement, or, more likely, because as a New York politician she’s been led to believe that Jewish voters are pro-settlement. But AIPAC’s losing[...]

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Birthday of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson spent years raping his slave Sally Hemings. A new novel treats their relationship as a love story. As a believer in Mr. Jefferson, I think the effort to demonize him, this time coming from the African American community, is understandable but tragic.   Jefferson needs to be seen as[...]