SMS on racism

BLACK RacismObama’s obvious resemblance to  his “white” grandfather makes a point.  

Yes humans .. modern humans, arose in Africa. They spread quickly over the world and diversified. Diverse feature arose by Darwinian selection and by interbreeding with other human species.  
As an example, most modern Africans arose from a Bantu community in what is  now West Africa. This happened about 20,000 years ago, long after the great expansion occurred out of Africa.  The Bantu arose at least 50,000 years after the origins of the first modern human,  at least 20,ooo years after humans migrated out of Africa., and about 10,000 years ago before humans showed evidence of civilization. 
As another example, about 30,000 or 40.000 years ago humans interbred with Neanderthals someplace near what is  now Israel. All non Africans are descended from those couplings. It is likely that my own cro magnon ancestors already had Neanderthal genes.  The Bantu. however, seem not  to ever had this pleasure. 

A current controversy is how much back migration happened after 30.000 years ago. This is interesting because civilization , that is cities, farming, and writing, only began about 10,000 years ago and did so in the Near East .. Mesopotamia to Egypt.

Sadly, since the Spanish invented chattel slavery, “we” humans have become fascinated with an idea called “race.”  In this view humans are like dogs, divided  into breeds.  Some religious folks even believe that”God,” divided humans into races after the flood.  For these folks “blacks” and “whites” are very different things, like Dobermans and Chihuahuas.   Maybe the analogy ought to go  further to Korea and China where folks breed some dogs as meat while keeping others as pets just as the American settlers bred Africans to be farm animals.

A large part of the racist meme centers around  the  talents of the different races.  Humans are supposed ot be smart, civilized, able to create complex machines and understand the laws of the universe.  Who is smarter , who is more artistic?  This is  an especially common issue for Black racists who want to believe that civilization began with the “black” race.  Civilization origins are a tricky subject for folks who push a racial view  because it is likely that  the first folks in cities had Neanderthal ancestors. A recent study of an ancient East African suggests that this may be so even in the Nile valley.  Does this mean civilization is due to Neanderthal genes?

Of course, other than an issue for those of us interested in deep origins of humans, this is mainly a silly debate about a concept no geneticist accepts ..racism.

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