What Should Ben Carson Do? THE DON & DOC TICKET!

Trump Carson Dream Team

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A ticket with TRUMP and BEN would be a killer!

If Trump ands Ben agreed to run as a joint ticket now, TRUMP’s votes in the South, amongst evangelicals, in Texas, … all would soar.  I suspect the ticket would also get Black supprt ..especially as many church goers in the Black community are upset with Democratic attention to LBGT and immigration issues.

Carson would shore up Trump’s support amongst the godly, bring some Black and Latino voters who do not  like Democratic party doctrine on gay marriage, and add  a lot of IQ to Trump’s Oval Office!
If Trump announced this now, it would also neutralize Cruz’ campaign in the Southern states where they are oh so desperate to prove that they are not bigots.

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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    Yeah, I can see Trump latching onto a vote-getter like Carson, who got 5,968 of the 507,376 votes cast yesterday. Better grab him before someone else takes him off the market! He’s hot!