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Shed no tears for this lying cop

In the aftermath of the Ferguson police shooting, police lieutenant Ray Albers of the neighboring St. Ann police department got himself fired by pointing his assault rifle at protesters and journalists and saying, “I will f—– kill you!” Now, Albers is fighting to keep his co[...]

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How to improve police-community relations, Kansas edition

Cops from the Galena, Kansas, police department; the Cherokee County sheriff’s department; the Kansas Bureau of Investigation; and the FBI converged on a Galena home looking for a gang member last week. It’s not clear from media reports why they thought he was there. They did say their h[...]

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Who are the GOP hawks? has rated the GOP presidential candidates for foreign policy hawkishness. Their rankings may surprise you. CANDIDATE HAWKISH POSITIONS PERCENT HAWKISH Marco Rubio 31 out of 31 100% Carly Fiorina 13 out of 13 100 Rick Santorum 24 out of 25 96 Mike Huckabee 19 out of 20 95 Lindsey Grah[...]

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How folks got to be “white”

What is “race?” You may tell people that race isn’t real and doesn’t matter, but they can’t catch a cab,” Ota Wang said. “So unless we take that into account it makes us sound crazy.” By Rick Weiss Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, December 16, 2005[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: Guess which one is a Jew?


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Group makes case for lidding I-5 to connect Capitol Hill to downtown with greenspace, housing

As part of its ongoing efforts to inject community priorities into the massive $1.4 billion Washington State Convention Center expansion, members of the Pike/Pine Urban Neighborhood Council have been pushing forward the idea of lidding I-5. PPUNC and a group of designers are now preparing to ma[...]

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Star Wars: Why do people assume Chewbacka is male?


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CHINA: Landslide

Shenzhen – 91 Missing From Landslide That Buries Buildings In ChinaYesterday 11:59 PMShenzhen – At least 91 people were missing Monday, a day after a massive landslide buried dozens of buildings when it swept through an industrial park in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. The offici[...]