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The Racial Hypocrisy of College Sports

Charlie James  Pure Bull how these young men are used to make money but they fight against the average Black student. The height of hypocrisy in higher education – The Boston Globe Universities bring African-American men to campus at grotesque levels to earn the school millions in football an[...]

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The Farce Awakens: Movie Trailer


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Michael Hood: From the throne in Haiti

View from my outhouse: Sitting here, I am king of all I see, although no one has the slightest idea I am sitting here. This must be how the Illuminati feel.[...]

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Adventures in being a landlord

A group is lobbying Seattle city government to enact an ordinance that would prohibit landlords from conducting criminal background checks or refusing to rent housing to ex-convicts. The purpose of this is to help ex-cons reintegrate into society by eliminating housing discrimination against them. A[...]

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Christmas Humor

Japanese Department Store May Want to Look Up the Word ‘Fucking’  Adrian Chen If only we could have sat in on the meeting where the marketing team for this Osaka department store came up with the idea for their “Fuckin’ Sale,” spotted early this month by a reader of J[...]

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Nigeria: Mosque vs State

If ever there is a reason why the state should be separate from the mosque, this is it.   Chinazor Onianwah FAcebook Buhari’s claim to fame is that he is the anti-graft crusader. But he is also excruciatingly a devout Muslim. How he deals with all suspects in the looting of the Nigerian trea[...]

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Hannukah, the day after!