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BREAKING NEWS: Patriots Lose, Again


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While Muslim Refugees Suffer: Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah Tower Will Be The World’s Tallest Building

Because having the third-tallest building just isn’t good enough.  Nina GolgowskiTrends reporter, The Huffington Post KINGDOM TOWER SKYSCRAPER Saudi Arabia’s aspirations are rising to dizzying new heights as the country finalizes plans to construct the world’s tallest building — one[...]

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The 13th Amendment was ratified 150 years ago today

The 13th amendment permanently abolishing slavery was ratified and became part of the Constitution on December 6, 1865. (The 1863 Emancipation Proclamation only applied to “states in rebellion,” and was an executive order that could be rescinded by a future president.)  It passed Congre[...]

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Ted Cruz channels Jean Schmidt

Now … Then …  [...]

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Davey Jones: Mutiny off Hawaii

Now on here, first on day in Honolulu the Chief Engineer saw one of the oilers reading a newspaper on watch, so he went and told him that there was no reading on watch, the oiler then got in the C/E’s face yelling about discrimination, the first engineer went over and told the oiler to […][...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Was Jesus the founder of the non violent resistance movement?

Jesus of the Roman Bible was no Gandhi, no Alinsky, and no MLK. Was Jesus a quisling?  Millions of Jews have died because of Christian calumny of the real resistance movement, the Pharisees. Stephen Stills said that Jesus Christ was the first nonviolent revolutionary. I’m sure Stills was wrong a[...]