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95.5% of Group Health members can’t vote on merger with Kaiser

Here’s how Group Health execs gamed the merger vote. Group Health Cooperative has over 600,000 members. But to vote for (or against) the proposed merger with Kaiser Permanente, they have to register to vote at least 60 days before the special meeting. Only 4.5% of members are registered, and G[...]

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Republican Xmas card

Read story here.[...]

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Opps … Barge flips at Port Harvey Marina

  George and Gail were not at Port Harvey when the sinking occurred. Thanks to the quick thinking of several neighbors, though, the oven, fryer, some small appliances, tables, chairs, and other items from the restaurant were saved. All refrigerators, freezers, tools, and stock in the store was[...]

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A picture worth 1,000 words


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Science explains conservative voters

Any article on this subject naturally begins with the premise that Republican voters are stupid, but that’s not very informative in and of itself. For a more detailed explanation of what motivates people to, in essence, vote against themselves, various scientific studies have dug into the psyc[...]

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FACEBOOK: On Settlers in Israel

Mitchell Bush Because anywhere your ancestors have ever lived is totally fair game. Like England really belongs to the Romans and nobody should have a problem if Italy sets up shop in London and starts treating everyone like second class citizens. Then starts bulldozing English neighborhoods to buil[...]

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Toys that can kill!

This is being sold as an (adult toy.)  The problem is that this could take down an airplane or blind a driver. Somebody is nuts! *If I had $400 I would buy one because I trust ME not I do not trust YOU. Click the picture.  [...]

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Sunday Revelations


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The Vorpal Sword of Amendment about to slay the hideous Monster of Corporate DominationUAW wins historic victory in U.S. South with vote at VW plant REUTERS: DETROIT | BY BERNIE WOODALL   The Volkswagen Chattanooga Assembly Plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee November 4, 2015. REUTERS/TAMI CHAPPELL The United Auto Workers union won its first organizing vote at a foreign-owned auto a[...]