Davey Jones: Gray Water

Davey-Jones1I came aboard this ship (the S.S. Lihue) back in August, after it had been laid up for a little over five years, getting the main plant up and running took some effort, but the bulk of my overtime work has been repairing and/or replacing water systems, the potable water supply lines had corroded almost completely closed so they all had to be replaced, further the gray water and sewage lines had also rusted shut, so they all had to be replaced, but replacing them meant building alternates so that people could use their sinks, showers and toilets!

Then rater bizarrely I found that at some point during the lay-up some person for some inexplicable reason had silver soldered a connection from the firemain to the gray water drains!

So that when the firepump(s) were running seawater would geyser out of peoples showers! The stewards department were knee deep in water one night!

So over the last three months I have replaced almost every potable water supply line, gray water drain and sewage line on the ship!

Then the sewage plant itself had to almost completely rebuilt, I had to rebuild both transfer pumps and the commutator pump.

This is top of the steam plant throwing more than a few curve balls, but (knock wood) I think we may be over the worst of it now and can run this ship for the next month before we take to the ship yard.

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