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Sex in Sweden

A lovesick elk? Photo: Pernilla Wahlman/SCANPIX Sweden warns drivers of elks on hunt for sex Doing a roadtrip through Sweden this autumn? Beware of lovesick elks. A nationwide warning about the horny animals went out to drivers across the Nordic country on Friday.[...]

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Carly Fiorina is a deadbeat

It’s been said politics is a hobby of the rich … and, no surprise, the rich don’t always pay their bills. (They got rich by cashing checks, not writing them.) Carly Fiorina, reportedly worth $120 million, waited until entering the 2016 presidential race to pay off debts from her fa[...]

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On Paul as a Jew The Roman Bible describes Paul as an advocate of the poor and as a learned Pharisee.  Both are false. Paul was a Roman citizen, a son of a Roman citizen, living not in Jerusalem but in Tarsus. Saying he was a “devout Jew” is a bit like describing Karl Marx […][...]

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As The Nights Grow Longer


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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Errr ahh, what does the Quran teach?