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ISIS destroys ancient temple

The Baalshamin Temple of Palymyra, Syria, is no more. ISIS has destroyed it, just as the Taliban blew up the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan. Both sites were UNESCO World Heritage sites, cultural treasures of global importance, but to Islamic fundies they’re idols offensive to Allah. These van[...]

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Facts You Did Not Need to KNow

Flaccid, the penis of the gorilla and the orangutan, both with much bigger bodies than man, is virtually invisible.[...]

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Seals Like Wind Farms!

Tagged Seals Revel Hangouts Near Wind Farms … Bad News for Salmon! (click to enlarge) Seals tagged with GPS reporters  have revealed that at least some of them really, really like to hang around  wind farms and pipelines. A study published in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on July 21[...]

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