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Maine governor denies he’s suing Obama, when in reality he is

Story from Portland, Maine, Press Herald dated Dec. 3, 2014: “Texas is leading a multistate coalition in suing over the Obama administration’s recently announced executive actions on immigration. Maine Gov. Paul LePage is among the plaintiffs involved in the lawsuit.” Story from Bangor[...]

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WWJD: What Would Jefferson Do?


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This plane led the D-Day invasion

It was the lead plane of 800 C-47s that carried paratroopers into Normandy in the dark hours of night before troops hit the beaches. Rescued from a Wisconsin airplane junkyard, it’s now undergoing a $1 million restoration. Read its story here.  [...]

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Bernie 44%, Hillary 37% in NH poll

For the first time, Sen. Bernie Sanders has overtaken Hillary Clinton in a pre-primary poll, although Clinton still has a comfortable lead in nationwide polls. A new Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll released today puts Sanders ahead of Clinton by 44% – 37% among likely Democratic [...]

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ISIS and Sex

Muslim women in ISIS-controlled Syria (Reuters/Stringer) CLICKIMAGE FOR STORY “Perverted” ISIS fighters in the Syrian stronghold of Raqqa indulge in “brutal and abnormal” sexual practices, in sharp contrast with the austere religious image they try to project, claims a new report compiled by[...]

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Where Did My Dog Come From?

Dogs likely originated in Europe more than 18,000 years ago, UCLA biologists report Wolves likely were domesticated by European hunter-gatherers more than 18,000 years ago and gradually evolved into dogs that became household pets, UCLA life scientists report.[...]

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Chick n Fil .. the Chicken of Jesus