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Who are the activists who disrupted Bernie Sanders’ Seattle appearance?

The Seattle Times and KING-5 News reported the two women who prevented Bernie Sanders from speaking at Westlake Park were from “Black Lives Matters,” but a commenter on the blog claims they “were not from any association connected with Black Lives Matter. They are a[...]

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Do your grocery $$ support slavery?

Florida grows 90% of America’s tomatoes, and Immokalee, Florida, lies in the heart of tomato country. It’s also a town with a brutal reputation for mistreatment of migrant farmworkers including wage theft, beatings, and sexual exploitation. The modern-day slavery conditions in southern F[...]

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Being Safe in School


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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: History through the viewpoint of a Christian.

from Dr. Zoom at Wonkette   As we’ve noted previously, our 10th-grade Christianist textbook, World History and Cultures In Christian Perspective, is a weird patchwork of preaching and history as filtered through late-Reagan-era rightwing politics. This is especially noticeable in the chapter [...]

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Summer Fashions and Jewish Diversity


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When Pot Meant a Coffee Pot


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The GOP Loves Animals AND AFRICANS!