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A Young Lady Comments on Star Wars


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Schulz v. Trump?

If Hillary crashes and burns, Bernie isn’t electable, and Joe doesn’t catch fire, who do the Democrats have? Howard Schulz. Yep, rumors are swirling the Starbucks boss may jump in. Now suppose Trump does get the GOP nomination. That sets up a battle of CEOs. It means Americans will turn [...]

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Sawant has 49.9% in 5-way primary in election night partial returns. Good news for Banks?

After spending an estimated $400,000 of money largely from enthusiasts outside Seattle, self-proclaimed Trotskyist and Seattle City Council incumbent Kshama Sawant garnered 49.9% of the votes in a 5-candidate primary race in the returns released on election night, with Pamela Banks, her strongest c[...]

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Applesauce; stockholders are poorer today.

Apple (AAPL)  Apple stock is down nearly 11% from the record high reached February 23rd of $133. Investors are fretting over evidence that competition is heating up for smartphones in China, while similar problems at Samsung suggest that smart phones have become a commodity product.  This puts pr[...]

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GOP Debate — Who’s In, Who’s Not

Fox News has just announced the lineup for its GOP candidates’ debate on Thursday: In:  Trump, Bush, Walker, Huckabee, Carson, Cruz, Rubio, Paul, Christie, Kasich. Watching it on TV: Perry, Santorum, Jindal, Fiorina, Graham, Pataki, Gilmore. (But they also get a consolation debate between th[...]

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Customer leaves a rude lecture about wages instead of a tip

The problem is, Seattle’s $15/hr minimum wage hasn’t phased in yet, and the bartender isn’t making $15/hr. (Nor did the customer pay “for that increase” at today’s prices.) But don’t expect people who wear their rightwing politics on their sleeve to bother w[...]

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Why do these people want to be president?

And why would we want any of them? Look, I don’t share Republican values. They like war, think torture is okay, and cover up atrocities; they’re racists and bigots; they’re against government, democratic process, and dissent; they’re hate unions, don’t like workers, and[...]

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Trump Logic


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The Minimum Wage: A Sexist Issue.


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ACLU sues teacher who punished 2nd grader for not believing in God

The ACLU has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against a Fort Wayne, Indiana, teacher who punished and shamed a 7-year-old boy for telling a classmate he doesn’t attend church because he doesn’t believe in God. The teacher apparently has never heard of the First Amendment or court r[...]