Someone Needs A Lawyer

Despite multiple requests to desist and explanation that any emails from them can and will be published at my will,  my sibs and  spouses thereof keep sending me emails with various forms of text they claim limits my use of their messages.

The latest is from my sister, Stephanie:

“I am also putting you on notice that my sending you an email in no way authorizes you to publish it.

You cannot allege that I have agreed to anything when indeed I will state again: My sending you an email does NOT authorize you to publish it. To the contrary, these are matters that should remain private and are of no concern to the public at large. ”

The following will also be sent by email.

And as I have said before, my understanding is that a contract requires two parties.  I have not agreed to keep anything you send me confidential and told you that I intend to publish email from you, Bill, High and Janet.

If you or they wish not to be quoted, simply stop sending me email.  Any responses to this post should come as comments on The Ave or, if sent as email,  will be posted as such.

If you believe there is law that gives you the right to create a contract with me but without my assent, I suggest you employ an attorney who can present your argument including appropriate citations.

Since I reside in the State of Washington, you may wish to seek out a attorney who is a member of our bar.

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