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Family Squabbles: The Return of Steve Shits

THE Ave again has a sister site.   My South Carolinian brother in law, William Quick had created the site and then abruptly took it down.  Now it is back.  Though he has deleted previous  content, at least some of that content and the tone can be seen on the new incarnation of the site. This [...]

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Fox annunces high tech solution to manage the Republican horde


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How St. Louis County municipalities rob poor black people

In Pagedale, Missouri, a St. Louis suburb like Ferguson, town officials raise money by slapping fines on poor black residents.  Among Pagedale’s municipal ordinances, according to a local lawyer: “[Y]ou can’t have a hedge more than three feet high. You can’t have a basketbal[...]

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Fox on Racism


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Georgia cops assume black renter is a burglar and rough him up

In another ugly incident of racial profiling, neighbors in an Atlanta suburb who saw an elderly black man moving boxes into a rental house assumed he was a burglar and called police, who threatened him with drawn guns and manhandled him. The cop who slammed his face into a brick wall was fired, not [...]

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San Jose cop threatens black family with drawn gun for no damn reason

The San Jose, California, police department is being sued by a black family over an ugly incident of racial profiling. Emmanuel Stephens and Jasmine Whitley (pictured) had picked up their 7-year-old daughter from school and were driving home when a cop began following them. When they arrived at home[...]

August 2nd, 2015 - 5:38 pm § in Politics

You won’t believe this GOP ad

  (Click here for story.)    [...]

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South Carolina: Why it can not deal with its history?

History in this state has left a persistent scar. Joining a march to commemorate Selma, as my brother in law’s  Temple in Charleston  is planning to do, is nice but does not  acknowledge the sad role of the Jews who were members of that Temple during slavery and Jim Crow. Why can’t t[...]

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An Endorsment for School Board: Steve Sundquist

Since Seattle is overwhelmingly a city of the childless, why vote for anyone? In a city where we have become increasingly all white (the most white city in the US!) , these jobs seem to go to activists who have no kids of their own but are all too willing to tell others how THEIR […][...]

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Diversity in Israel