We know Black Lives Matters, now what are we going to do about the fact that America does not care?

black-lives-matter-lol1Black people continue to argue that Black Lives Matter. The fact that we have to argue, should let us know that they do not give a f@$k about us.
We should devote our time and energy on debating within our own community. What is the solution? It is clear that the black community is awake and aware. It is also clear that we lack the solidarity to actually implement a plan and carry it out. What is the solution going to be? What is the answer to apartheid, and the lack of compassion this country shows towards our plight?

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  1. theaveeditor #

    The problem with “Black Lives Matter” is that it comes too late. “Black has been subsumed by “POC” and by the triumph of blacks as our gladiators.

    The problem facing AA is not melanin. It is the acceptance by the AA community of the role of acting as an internal colony .. like PR, the Dominican Republic or Venezuela .. a source of athletes and a place for US churches to dole out charity.

    If it were melanin than Caribbeans would not be doing so well in the US (they ROCK!), nor would Hindus. Yet somehow the Hundus, the Africans, the Koreans are not bound in by skin color.

    Any group that lives in n a ghetto under control of an occupying force would do as poorly.

    Any group that acts as a farm for gladiators will have trouble earning other sorts of respect