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Confederate Memorial Day in South Carolina

  Here we go again. Imagine being African American today in Charleston where my brother-in-law and sister live.  My sister is Jewish, I wonder if she ever thinks how it would be to live there if the crossed bars were instead a twisted cross? South Carolina celebrates many of the same legal hol[...]

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Gov. Huckabee: “I don’t have to defend everything I’ve ever done”

“Asked about his role [in] promoting a dietary supplement that claims to cure diabetes, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said, ‘I don’t have to defend everything that I’ve ever done.’ Huckabee … has reportedly pushed questionable products to earn income in rec[...]

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I do not see the kosher symbol?


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How much are teachers paid?

“Of the whole McCleary debate, the biggest issue is compensation,” said Chris Vance, former chair of Republican Party. The Seattle Times interactive chart (left) shows some of the problem caused by our not having Charter Schools. What is striking is that these are very HIGH salaries for a job th[...]

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THE-Ave Challenge

Racial Identification “Race” is a very, very weird idea.  So here is a simple test.  First ask your self what race is this man.  The click the image for his identity. OK? Or you can take thus quiz: A. Jewish B. English C. Indian D. African Caribbean E.  Arab[...]

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Chuck Norris: ‘It’s not crazy to think Obama would invade Texas’

Yes it is. Oh yes, yes, yes; you’re nuts, Chuck; completely, totally, whacked-out woo-hoo. Yep, he actually said this; and yeah, he’s a birther nut, too. Maybe he’s started believing his action-flick scripts. Take a deep breath, Chuck; it’s all make-believe. Photo: Only posin[...]

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Cunningham at Cornish

Funny thing .. this picture of a picture adds to its effect![...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: If A Creator Exists, The creator has very dubious morals

Robert G. Ingersoll 1872 essay “The Gods“ Would an infinitely wise, good and powerful God, intending to produce man, commence with the lowest possible forms of life; with the simplest organism that can be imagined, and during immeasurable periods of time, slowly and almost imperceptibly improve [...]

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